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13 November 2006 @ 10:48 pm


Firstly, I've just gotten home from choir practice. I haven't performed anything in a year' and my PPS has really been digging under my skin, so to return to rehearsals for CbC ((Carols by Candlelight)) and NL&C ((Nine Lessons and Carols)) filled me with a musical orgie. ((Don't look at the seat; not a pretty sight.)) It was rather frustrating in the beginning, as it turned out Oscar's Bar had been double booked, so we had to change location; but the Lutheren Church - and the Hall - were being used, so we were limited to the United Church ... I thought it was the Anglican! Stupid me. But we sorted ourselves out and managed to run through two songs tonight, so that was all right.

Secondly and with equal preportion:

I was just thinking a few months ago that someone should really set up a website for MotM ((Music on the Murray)), and I have been informed that there is a website for it!


It's small but so well done, considering ((that this is WAIKERIE for F's sake)). The majority of the photos on the sight are those taken from last year's performance; and actually if you click on the bar "Latest News" they even say so in the top-leftish corner. Going down the list, the photos are of:

1) Darrin Trandafil and Desiree Frahn ((Waikerie's Singing Chef and well-known Berri [or is it Barmera?] performer, who is actually attending the very same Uni I am [of course she started before me])), during their performance of All I Ask of You I believe ((would've been me standing there had I been ready))

2) Julie Lush, aka Julie Anthony, often mistaken for Julie Andrews ((so no surprise that she also played Maria in a performance of The Sound of Music; she sang the National Anthem at the Olympics a few years' ago, and she attended Waikerie High))

3) Timothy Sexton ((APC and APO [Adelaide Philharmonic Choir / Orchestra] musical director, who has been our conductor for the past two shows [2003, 2005], and there's a possibility that he worked with THE GREAT TIM CURRY for the film Furn Gully: The Last Rainforest. I must ask him. He also was the musical director for The Mikado when it was in Adelaide last year', just before he joined us for the final rehersals for MotM; The Mikado starred ANTHONY WARLOW, DAVID HOBSON and JUDIE CONNELLI; that lucky bastard. In this photo he's singing Talk to the Animals.))

4) Darrin - again ((either singing You Raise Me Up or Bridge Over Troubled Water in this photo, most like))

5) The 200-voice combined choir on the barge ((WCC [Waikerie Community Choir], BVG [Barmera Vocal Group {or is it Berri?}], and the APO. Tim's the one on the screens; we didn't have screens and cameras for 2003, so 2005 was a big step ... pity the generator blew, but oh well))

And the bottom two pics explain themselves; a location map and yet another shot of the choir on the barge.

I have a pic that isn't up there, actually; it was sent to all the choresters after the event, along with one of those "dear performer, thank you blah blah blah successful evening blah blah blah" letters. Here:

It's impressive when it's bigger.

But anyway, yes, there's my news for now. The sign for MotM is already out on the highway, there'll be an article in The River News in a couple of weeks about Carols by one of our own sops ((dammit, how'd she land that gig?!)), and all I need now is audition dates for MotM and for next year' of Uni.


Shoon McAldrum: Alan Daviespeoplewantducks on November 13th, 2006 11:16 pm (UTC)
FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK the internets are shitting me today


I really don't know why people mistake JAnthony for Andrews. They REALLY don't look alike.... but anyway
Marie-Cris: Anthony Warlow Twomarie_cris_meow on November 14th, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)
It's the hair. XD. It seems to alter people's memories and alter the faces when they see them, and possibly the untrained ear can't hear the vocal differences.

But I'm so excited, can't believe I have to wait. And I'll really murder Tim; how dare he work with Anthony Warlow and David Hobson and not score me tickets!!!
Shoon McAldrum: DH_ORGASM LOLOLpeoplewantducks on November 14th, 2006 05:20 am (UTC)
lol I reckon they have totally different faces....but anyway :P

I know. what a bastard!