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01 August 2006 @ 04:46 pm
Word of Mar ((ha hargh))  

I've decided to put up a little dictionary of things I say so that people who talk to me actually understand ((vainly)) what I'm saying. Although please note that I will not reveal the secret of MMFM here; you gotta PM me on a forum I'm in if you really really REALLY wanna know ((you'll understand why when I tell you what it is ;D)). AND please note that this will be updated from time to time; I can't remember everything I've said RIGHT NOW, and I may say something in the future that I wanna jot down too.

Common Phrases
Frack off!: Originating from the indecisive reaction; whether or not to shout "fuck" or "rack" off. Often used when I want someone to go away, or back off a bit.
Gah gnah FARASHAKATA!: Often used as a curse when saying "fuck" just isn't enough.
*head falls off and rolls away* ... (cried the roll-away head): Random detachment of the head from the body, often in a state of shock of disbelief, or when the appropriate oppertunity arrives. (( "cried the roll-away head" is added only if something is said once the head falls off))
Ignorance is bliss; but don't let it kill you: Don't be ignorant!
Post prostituting (your/my mind): To repeatedly post whore on threads or otherwise; to constantly express yourself in writing for hours' on end.
That's gone to shit / Hell: Often used when things just don't turn out the way they're supposed to.

Five-Second Poems
Don't you cry my little love
Don't cry, don't fear
I'm always here for you, my love
Don't sigh, my dear

When the eagle flies too high
It burns it's wings upon the rays;
But no one ever dared to say
The eagle could fly so high

Come, my dear,
Down on the gondalier
We ride
Come, dear heart,
You'll never part
My side.

My mate Larry
he's a good man
He's an RHPS
and Micahel Rennie fan
Married to Neve - 
Who captured his heart -
I send them my love;
May they never part.

Queen of the Night:
The Queen of the Night
Shall find you; hide you;
She'll devour the light
And bind you; chide you;
You cannot take flight
From the Queen of the Night!

How hastily the fallen flies
((Shadows are consuming thee, sweet child))
Such love can lead to thy demise
((Run to the light; save yourself from the Wild))


Maria knew a thing called Chaos -
A tricky little foe -
And everywhere Maria went
Chaos was sure to go.

*Of Mary Had a Little Lamb

Star-Crossed Garbs*:
Two strangers - both alike in formal dress -
Within the church - their first meeting
Where love is the shattered word - 
Reached out and knew each other, as if forever

*Of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Tomatius Saucus*:
Stoop, frantics, stoop
And let us bathe out hands in tomato sauce
Up to the elbows, and besmear our swords
Then walk we forth - even to the market place -
And waving out red weapons o'er our heads
Let's all cry: "Pies!" "Pasties!" and "Free Sauce!"

*Of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
. Title by Akaishoukan

Down Once More*:
Down once more as the engines stop and catch on fire
Down we plunge as we all lose our minds
Down that path to the ocean, cold as hell!

*Of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera

One-Time Phrases
Bowie 1:
Coin a Bowie
Bowie 2:
Is Bo. Is Good.
Bowie 3:
Have a Break: Have a Bowie
Bowie 4:
Bowie's a cowboy; the only one to master Hand-Riding
Bowie 5:
Save the last dance for Bowie
Bowie 6:
Bowie: Simply Stir Through
Bowie 7:
Kellog's Crunchy Bowie: Irrisistably Tastey
Bowie 8:
Who needs a heater? Get a Bowie!
Bowie 9:
Request a Bo - oh room service!
Yeah; Money and I don't like each other that much. The sooner I get rid of him, the better ... or ... worse.
I Am What I Am:
China Girl: Cat Phantom of the Plane, Procrastinating Post Whore, Bowie's Bitch and new Head of the Fire Gang


I need a badge
TEACHER: "How do you spell 'Religion'?"
STUDENT: "W - A - R."
Smoking is for idiots. You can have the highest IQ known to man and still be an idiot - if you smoke

1. A David Bowie consumer 2. An overly-obsessed David Bowie fan
Coppuroamaphobia: 1. To have or pertaining to a fear of sluts. 2. The fear or becoming a slut.
Myes: "Yes" with a slight hum at the beginning; often used in agreement, or to fill in conversation time when no intellectual thoughts occur.

i want your warm, but it will only make me colderfrenchiestore_x on August 1st, 2006 10:04 am (UTC)
u left me out!
Marie-Cris: Richard O'Brienmarie_cris_meow on August 2nd, 2006 08:04 am (UTC)
Sorry, what did you mean? What did I leave you out of?